As coaches we are the ones who lead you through the workout, make sure you are moving well and scale the movements to your ability. We will also hold you accountable and keep you on track towards reaching your goals because we truly care about you.

Matt Chenard
Matt ChenardCo-Owner/Head Coach/CEO
I was born and raised in Camrose but spent a lot of my time traveling around
Western Canada playing competitive hockey. Because of this, I have been involved in strength and conditioning in one way or another since I was 14. Through this process, I realized that I really enjoyed researching and learning about different training methodologies. CrossFit came into my life in 2012 and haven’t looked back since!

I enjoy seeing people become a part of something more than themselves. Having goals for yourself is great but seeing the community expand that mindset into a more holistic approach is so rewarding. Seeing people begin to realize what they are actually capable of is one of the best feelings ever as a coach!

Education & Certificates:
-CrossFit Level 3 (CFT)
-Canfit Pro PTS
-CrossFit Gymnastics
-CrossFit Weightlifting
-CrossFit Weightlifting Advanced
-CrossFit Mobility
-CrossFit Kids
-N.C.C.P Level 1 Weightlifting
-Precision Nutrition Level 1

Deanna Roper
Deanna RoperCo-owner/Manager
I grew up on a farm near Hay Lakes, Alberta, tossing bales, feeding cows, building forts and cutting the lawn. After that, I Went to Red Deer College, University of Alberta then Medicine Hat College to pursue my love of fitness and the human body. Upon graduating I worked in various hospitals as a Certified Physical Therapist Assistant for 8 years in Rehab before I left to pursue my career as a Certified Personal Trainer.

Besides owning a business and training full time I enjoy being a mom to my wonderful son. He reminds me that there is so much more to life than just work and keeps me young at heart….best gift ever☺

My CrossFit discovery occurred while managing at the University of Alberta Augustana Fitness Centre. CrossFit taught me the importance of training with functional movements, variety, and intensity. The results CrossFit provided to me personally were shocking. So, I started to use it with all my clients. This led me to pursue my certifications. In doing so I discovered I loved motivating people much more than paperwork. Thus, I started Next Level Fitness out of my garage where Matt Chenard eventually joined me a few months later. Excited to find a fellow CrossFit enthusiast, we partnered up and became CrossFit Camrose!

Education & Certificates:
-Studies in Bachelor of Physical Education – Red Deer College / UofA
-Diploma in Physical Therapy Assistant- Medicine Hat College
-CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2)
-CrossFit Kids
-Precision Nutrition Level 1

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Jilisa Chenard
Jilisa ChenardPersonal Trainer/Group Coach/Nutrition Coach
I am a Registered Nurse by trade, working in medicine and surgery, but I like to take a more holistic, preventative approach to health when I am not in scrubs. I have found a huge passion of mine to be helping people with their health from a holistic approach – physical activity AND nutrition.

Soccer gave me my start in fitness and conditioning. I played for 10+ years and finished my career in a tournament in South Africa playing against the women’s South African World Cup team. When I started university, my fitness and health journey took a spin as I suffered from Anorexia and exercise addiction. These issues effected my life for many years, and while it was the most difficult thing I have ever had to deal with, it has taught me so much and allows me to empathize with many people. I am so incredibly grateful for my health! My CrossFit journey started in 2014, and I credit a lot of my recovery to the amazing community of strong, encouraging, and accepting people in our gym.

I love helping people reach their potential. Whether a person’s goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, train for another sport, or just to be able to pick up their kids without pain, I want to help them achieve that. Being a part of a community that supports you just makes it all that much better.

Education & Certificates:
-Bachelor of Science in Nursing
-CrossFit level 1
-CrossFit Kids
-Precision Nutrition Level 1
-Healthy Steps Nutrition Certification

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Thomas Regier
Thomas RegierGroup Coach/Personal Trainer/Marketing
I grew up in small-town Saskatchewan so the feeling of a tight community is what really drew me to CrossFit Camrose. Also, playing sports my entire life and into university made me a little bit competitive. So, I loved the challenge that each workout offered.

Furthermore, every day was different! It was fun, exciting, engaging, and challenging. I also didn’t have to think about what workout I was going to do because it was already written out for me! Already being a certified CSEP Personal Trainer all I needed to do was get my CF-L1 as soon as I could (October 2016).

I have been personal training adults, coaching group classes, school groups and teams using CrossFit’s modalities ever since. My passion is helping people become the healthiest overall person they can be. This does NOT just mean in regards to fitness. Here at CFC, we look at the whole picture: breathing, nutrition, stress management, fitness, injury prevention, etc. It is a holistic approach that, when done consistently, leads to some pretty amazing results.

Education & Certifications
– BSc. Physical Education
– CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
– CrossFit Gymnastics
– CrossFit Kids
– CrossFit Weightlifting
– CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer
– Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach

Gaetes Lomas
Gaetes LomasGroup Coach/Personal Trainer/Teens Coach
I have spent most of my life growing up in the Camrose area. For a few years, my family and I lived in Edmonton but then moved back to the farm that my dad grew up on when I was going into the 5th grade. When I lived in Edmonton I took up Tae-Kwon-Do as a primary source of physical activity. A few years later after we moved back to Camrose I completed my training to get my black belt.

Looking for something new to put my energy into I took up weight training and competitive swimming in junior high. Initially, my weight training took place in the basement with some basic equipment and workout books that my parents had collected for me. Further down the road, I’d move my training to the high school gym and then a gym downtown.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to try out CrossFit, and after my first day in CrossFit Camrose, I was hooked! The workouts and the sense of community and kindness of the staff and members alike kept me coming back. I loved it so much that I had to get more involved! Now I have the privilege of coaching the same members who made me feel so welcome only a few years ago. Also, I have the privilege of working with teens which is very rewarding for me. I enjoy being able to connect with them and help to guide them on their own fitness journey. My favorite part of my job is seeing progress in others and the joy that growth brings them!

Education & Certificates
-CrossFit Level 1
-CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist

Michaela Pohl
Michaela PohlPersonal Trainer/Group Coach/Media
I have a typical farm kid story. Growing up west of Wetaskiwin, I was always busy running around outside with my 2 older brothers. Dancing began when I was 7 and continued it all throughout high school. After high school, I was in a dance company for a year. Soon, I started my schooling for the health and fitness industry. It began with me attending SAIT and Elevated Learning Academy for my nutrition and fitness diplomas and certifications.

My CrossFit journey began in 2018 when I was in Kona Hawaii during my Ywam DTS. I learned there the importance of community and how connected it is with fitness. The way the classes were run drew me in. There was also the added benefit of being able to work through a tough workout with a friend by your side. There is nothing better than finishing a workout then cheering someone on.

My passion is to help people better themselves through fitness, not only for there body physically but mentally as well. The best part about being a personal trainer is watching peoples confidence grow as they become stronger and more comfortable in their body.

Education & Certificates:
-CrossFit L1
-ACE Certified Personal Trainer
-ELA Personal Training Fitness Diploma
-SAIT Nutrition

Rochelle Leslie
Rochelle LeslieKids/Pre-Teens Coach
I was introduced to CrossFit through my daughter’s volleyball team about 6 years ago. It wasn’t so much the sport, but the community that attracted me to CrossFit and has kept me pursuing fitness and achieving things in the gym I didn’t know were possible.

As a CrossFit Coach, I’m so excited about the potential of kids (and adults) and what they are capable of inside and outside of the gym. I love to being part of that discovery process in whatever way they need! Teaching kids functional fitness at a young age and encouraging character development is such a privilege and to be able to do it with the support of an amazing community and fantastic group of coaches is what makes CrossFit Camrose one of my favourite places to be!

My coaching background started in Figure Skating and Power Skating, which I coached for over 20 years. My formal training was as a Rehabilitation Practitioner at McEwan University and I currently work as an Education Assistant at St. Pat’s Elementary school. Most importantly I am a mother of three amazing children and wife of a very awesome husband.

Education & Certificates
– CrossFit Level 1
– CrossFit Kids

Aili Borelli
Aili BorelliClient Success Manager
I grew up in a small city in the East Kootenays. Camping, hunting, fishing, and snowboarding, were my favorite things. I grew up practically living in the swimming pool, I was convinced that I was part fish. I was not a coordinated kid though, so sports were something I have ALWAYS struggled with. Once I turned 16 I was hired at our local swimming pool as a Lifeguard and to teach swimming lessons. I also assisted in coaching the Special Olympics swim team, which has to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve been able to do.

When I was 18, while all of my friends were training for bikini and fitness competitions, I really struggled with self-confidence, so I knew that was not going to be for me. That is when my sister introduced me to CrossFit.

From my first day, I was completely hooked. I really struggled to stay interested in anything I was doing for more than a couple of weeks. The gym bored me and sports were challenging, as my hand-eye coordination was terrible, and I was always so self-conscious! CrossFit taught me that there is so much more than how your body looks, it’s about how it performs. I became addicted to the feeling of being strong, I soon forgot about caring about how my body looked! I looked around the gym, there were people of all shapes, sizes, and ages! What they say is true! Functional fitness, for everyone!

Watching people do things they didn’t think they were capable of, crush their goals and prove how strong they are both mentally and physically is what I am most passionate about. At CrossFit Camrose, it is not just about physical health, but becoming healthy in all aspects of your life, this has been my personal experience. Having the opportunity to be your cheerleader from day 1 and every day afterward, is the most rewarding aspect of my job here at CrossFit Camrose.

Tiff Walker
Tiff WalkerPersonal Trainer/Mom Strong Coach
I was born and raised in Camrose and have lived here most of my life. I grew up as a competitive dancer and after moving to Beaverlodge with my husband in 2008 for 7 years, we started Crossfit in Grande Prairie – it was a great transition into a competitive, yet supportive environment. I believe whole
heartedly in the methodology and the programming allows me to modify when needed, challenges me and of course surrounds me with an amazing community.

I became a personal trainer before the birth of my girls and have since then taken my CF-L1 course and have become a group trainer for the MOM strong and Bootcamp class at Crossfit Camrose. I have developed a passion for pre & postnatal training and coaching moms in all stages of their journey. I am an advocate for women’s health, and I am grateful that I get the chance to empower women to weight train and believe that they are strong and able.

Education & Certificates
– CPPC (Certified Pre and Post Natal Coach)
– CF-L1
– NASM Personal Trainer

Lindsay Nahirny