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At Greater Purpose Nutrition, we understand that you don’t fit into a “one size fits all” box. For that reason, we offer two platforms for our clients. Healthy Steps Nutrition is geared towards those clients looking for a dialled in approach to their nutrition. Here we offer a meal plan, macro review, biometric measurements, and an app that will keep you accountable to your coach. Precision Nutrition is a habit based program, focusing on a more holistic approach. This program addresses all aspects of your life and teaches you to make slow, sustainable, lifelong changes that will lead to a healthier, happier life.

Step 1


We understand there is a lot of mixed information when it comes to nutrition. At Greater Purpose, we are here to find out where you are starting from and help you create your goals and a plan to help you reach them.

Step 2


Meet with an expert nutrition coach to create a simple and sustainable plan. At Greater Purpose, we focus on education and changing behavior to help you take control of your health.

Step 3


Transform your health with the ongoing support and accountability of your nutrition coach.

Nutrition coaching is no quick fix, or magic pill, but I am happy to say that I have finally allowed the habits and practices that I have been taught to shape my life. Some of the biggest things I have learned are, 1. Slow down! 2. You don’t have to be perfect, and 3. Be kind to yourself

My decision to reach out to Greater Purpose Nutrition coaching was made for a few reasons. I needed help to reach my goals of weight loss, and to better myself overall. I was lacking direction and knew I needed some help getting to where I needed to be. The year of coaching I received has helped me reach my goals and I have been so encouraged by the accountability and support I received from my coach.

Terri has been one of our tried and true members, both at CrossFit Camrose and Greater Purpose Nutrition. She has been making amazing progress and has continued to gain strength in the gym and the kitchen. This year, one of our members who hasn’t seen Terri in a while commented, “Woah, Terri got jacked!”. Agreed.

Over the past year, I have gained strength and a healthy relationship with food. I have learned a lot about nutrition and how to properly fuel my body. On top of that, I have lost 20lbs and feel amazing in the gym.


Having a nutrition coach has helped me overcome a lot of obstacles, and has completed changed my lifestyle and the way we look at food. I have never been healthier or stronger!

Having a coach teach me about nutrition has really helped me understand what I need to do in order to reach my goals. Having use of an InBody scanner allows me to track my progress and see what is going on inside my body.

Suzanne loves to lift weights and show off her strength. She has been working on her nutrition for the last year in order to reach her full potential, both in, and out of the gym! She has managed to reach her goals, all while maintaining her strength, a full time job, and a busy family.

The changes that we have seen in Colleen are fantastic! She has been doing online nutrition with Greater Purpose Nutrition since starting at CrossFit Camrose and has gained an incredible amount of strength, while dropping inches.

Kierstin and Maria are the latest winners of our nutrition and lifestyle challenge. They made some big changes to their lives – embracing nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, water intake, breathing exercises, and play! It has been exciting to watch their health improve over time.

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