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We help people find joy by eliminating their pain through movement correction, mindset change, and stress management.

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“This training has been immensely helpful! I no longer have back pain. My neck pain only bothers me on some days. I can take my dog for a walk without limping home because of my back. I can deadlift now which I’ve never been able to do!”



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Work beside one of our coaches the entire time for a little extra guidance and support.

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All of the benefits of 1 on 1 coaching at a lesser cost.


Get online programming and check in with your coach every once in a while in person.



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What is Movement Resolution?

Movement Resolution is an online or in-person, personal training option for people who are recovering from injury or have chronic pain. In other words, we offer a great alternative to missing the gym. With our programming you will be able to stay in the gym and keep moving. You will work one on one with a coach who is specifically trained in working with injuries, aches and pains.

How does it work?

STEP 1 – We start with a mobility assessment. A lot of injuries and pain start with limits to ones range of motion.

STEP 2 – We conduct a strength balance assessment. A lot of times people are stronger in one arm or leg. This can lead to one side overcompensating leading to injury or pain.

STEP 3 – Once we know all of your mobility and strength numbers we can start programming specifically for you!

STEP 4 –  Choose how you would like to proceed (in-person, hybrid, or online)

STEP 5 – Feel better!

Who is Movement Resolution for?

This program is for people who have been in chronic pain or are recovering from injury and who are familiar with the major lifts (deadlifts, squats, presses, etc.). If you are not familiar with the major lifts then we would highly suggest in-person training or seeing a specialist.

Why do Online Programming?

First of all, it is much less expensive than personal training. Second, you get programming that is specifically designed for you and your body. It’s the best of both worlds IF you have familiarity with the major lifts. Your coach sends you workouts directly to your email. You won’t have a coach watching your every move but you will have movement videos to refer to so you know exactly what is expected. You also have access to your coach through instant message in the online platform (we use TrueCoach).


I have been a member of Crossfit Camrose since July 2015. For the past four years the knowledge and caring attitude of the coaches has helped me reach personal goals and accomplish things I never thought possible. This January I was plagued by a nagging knee issue that was hampering my activity at the gym. My doctor and my physiotherapist both encouraged me to keep up with exercise as much as could be tolerated. After discussions with Matt, I decided to try the personal programming in the hopes of rectifying the knee problem and strengthening other deficiencies discovered through the mobility assessment I completed.

Matt programmed specific exercises for me to strengthen my knee as well as improve my upper body strength and the imbalances in my right and left side. I received 2 different specific workouts each week, which I could come to the gym and do any time. I input my results with comments regarding how each workout felt and if there was pain, improvement, etc. Matt gave me feedback through the on-line program and we touched base at the gym whenever possible. After a few months of programming I noticed an increase in my upper body and core strength during my regular Crossfit classes (my 6 am friends noticed too!)

After 3 months of programming my knee pain was steadily improving and I was feeling stronger and ready to go back to many of the activities I had been avoiding like running and jumping. The personal programming was essential for me to get back to doing all the movements in the Crossfit workouts. The great thing about the personal programming combined with the regular classes was that all the coaches were aware of my goals regarding the knee issue. The coaches were always asking how the knee was progressing and there was always a suggestion for an alternative movement while I was gaining my strength back. At this point I have no knee pain and am back to most of the physical activities and movements I have always enjoyed in and out of the gym. An added bonus is the extra 20 yards or so I have gained on my golf drives! I would definitely recommend the personal programming to anyone dealing with pain issues, strength deficiencies and imbalances.


When I started out I had pain in my right shoulder and had a lot of difficulty with my balance. This affected my ability to walk and carry things. Since then, I have improved so much. I no longer have pain in my shoulder and my balance has gotten a lot better! Working with a coach is so valuable because it allows you to go at your own pace while focusing on the things that are best for ME!