InBody Scanner

Are you frustrated because the scale is not moving? Do you think that your hard work should be paying off but you aren’t seeing the results you want? Perhaps we can tell you more and steer you in the right direction through our nutrition services!

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What is this InBody Scanner?

It is a bioelectrical body composition scanning machine. In other words, it uses electricity to breakdown your body’s composition. The Inbody Scanner is a great way to measure progress when you get frustrated with the scale at home. Our bodies can change a lot without our weight changing a whole lot. This tool can tell us more about what is happening on the inside!

What can it tell me?

Our InBody Scanner is able to measure lean mass (bone and muscle), fat mass, and water mass. Furthermore, it will tell you your weight, how much food you need to eat, body fat percentage, and BMI. Muscle mass will also be broken into your torso, and limb by limb. So, if you ever wondered where your strength lies, this will be able to tell you that too!

What do I need to know beforehand?